You Can Stop Debt Collectors From Harassing You

Few things can bring on as much stress in a person’s life as being overwhelmed by credit card debt (or any other kind of debt for that matter). If you’re like the many Americans who truly struggle to pay their bills each month, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The sad truth is that too many people have gotten behind on paying their bills.

It can happen to anyone, and it happens for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is through no fault of our own, the but instead it happens because an unexpected emergency. Often a medical emergency or other family crisis comes up all of a sudden and overwhelms the family’s finances.

Many times, perhaps most of the time, getting into serious debt is a result of poor planning and not controlling our spending properly. Even so, you should know that consumers have certain rights and do not have to take abuse from debt collectors. Federal law prohibits debt collectors from contacting you in the middle of the night and from using profanity or abusive language. They may not threaten to garnish your wages if it is illegal in your state.

It can certainly feel intimidating when you are unable to pay debt and have a bill collector calling day after day today demanding payment. While I definitely encourage you to do your best to pay your bills, I understand the incredible stress that can come from worrying about the debt collectors.

Keep a record of any conversations you have with a debt collector for future reference. Also, depending on your state law, you may want to record the conversation as well. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let bill collectors push around or abuse you verbally. Don’t feel like you have to choose between putting food on the kitchen table and immediately paying your debt. In most cases, even a small payment can keep creditors from trying to sue you.

It’s best to honor your debts as soon as possible, and it’s even better to prevent the situation to begin with. However, don’t let bill collectors ruin your life with worry, and definitely do not lose your health over this matter.