Table Saw Dust Collector – Create Your Own

A dust collector makes it easier to clean up and ensures that you and your working area are free of debris and safety hazards. When someone has a table saw dust collector, the dust is not inhaled but it is collected in the container. Below are some tips on how to make your own table saw dust collector and of a piece of hose and a shop vac.

For the dust collector, you will need a ten foot hose that is flexible and with a width of one inch. You will also need clamps and shop vac.

To start with, buy a wet dry vacuum if you don’t already have one. This will act as the table saw dust collector. I like using a shop vac for this purpose because it will actively suction any dust from the table saw as you work. This is a much better solution than standard passive methods. You can move the shop vac if it is needed elsewhere. Next, you will need to determine the most convenient path for your hose. This will be determined by the model of your table saw. The hose can run above or below the table. It can also be placed next to the blade. You will then use the clamps to fix your hose in place.

Direct the hose away from the saw, this is to prevent any kind of accidents. Use more clamps to fix the hose to the frame of the table or to the counter. Steer the hose away from any mobile parts to avoid any harm coming to the person using the saw table. If it gets jammed to one of the parts, it might act like as projectile and injure the person working on the table saw. Connect the hose and the shop vac together. This can be done directly or with the use of the hose that normally comes with the shop vac.

Make sure your hose is straightened; avoid any curves and use the shortest length possible. You will probably be forced to make some adjustments to the hose so that it can be directly connected to the shop vac.

You now have a table saw dust collector that costs you less money. It is very convenient because you can detach the shop vac whenever you need to use it for other purposes since the assembly is not permanent. Better than that, you will enjoy better health since you will inhale less dust while working.