Oil Mist Collectors Are for More Than Just Keeping the Floor Dry

Most business owners whose production processes require machinery that uses oils, fine lubricants or coolants know it is important to keep the mist or spray emitted during operation from collecting on floors or walls and ceilings as much as possible. Uncollected emissions can cause slippery surfaces as well as an unhealthy working environment. This is one of the main reasons why oil mist collectors are a vital part of the equipment needed.

However, many owners don’t realize that there are other ways these collection units can help make their business safer. It has been clearly documented over the years that fluids for such industries as metal working like toxic solvents, coolant mists and oil that contains smoke are potential severe health hazards not only to workers’ respiratory systems, but also if they enter a body through direct skin contact. Industrial solutions, airborne mists and aerosols pose a health hazard to anyone who works around aircraft, heavy machinery, automobile factories and even those who work with farming equipment. Basically anyone who works where there is oil smoke or machine fluid mists is at risk. Oil mist collectors do more than just keep a work area clean and free of hazardous emissions, they also help to reduce coolant costs by recycling the fluid back into the machines that use it. A centralized or individually installed mist collector is excellent for evacuating oil and water based coolants and oil mists and recirculating them back into tools and machinery, making not only your equipment operate much more efficiently but saving money as well.

Business owners who install a mist collection system can also save on cooling and heating costs for their buildings. Many business owners don’t realize how much oil and coolant mists can clog up heating and air condition system filters, which requires more frequent filter changes. Coolant and oil mists can also effect the operation of sensitive machinery due to buildup of oil residue on exposed parts and oil residue can also cause dust to collect on the surface of the machinery. By installing a properly operating mist collection system not only do business owners keep their work environment healthy for employees, but they cut down on maintenance expense for machinery and heating and cooling systems. This is important these days with so many budget cuts and business owners having to make sure there is no loss of production due to sick employees or malfunctioning equipment. When a coolant and oil mist collection system is present not only is safety standards met for employee health but for environmental emissions as well. This saves time, money and keeps the business operating in a highly efficient manner all the way around.