Ensure a Healthy Work Environment With Oil Mist Collectors

CNC machining shops use different types of Metal Working Fluids (MWFs) to support the forming of metal components. During the forming process, the coolants and lubricants get converted into mist, aerosols, or vapors. These can be extremely harmful to workers within the facility and can lead to adverse health conditions. Inhalation of MWF particulate matter can cause a number of medical conditions including dermatitis, irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat, and even obstructive pulmonary diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) understands the gravity of the situation, and has laid out several standards to help industries maintain a clean environment and safeguard the health of workers. Examples of general standards are 1910 Subpart Z for toxic and unhealthy substances, and 1910.1000 for different types of air contaminants.

OSHA also recommends using various types of ventilation systems and personal protective equipment to prevent the circulation of hazardous air contaminants. One such product that is popularly used by the machining industry is oil mist collector. It uses different types of separation and filtration technologies to safely ventilate MWFs from an enclosed machining center. Also known as mist eliminators, provide impeccable solutions for fluid drainage and air ventilation.

Creating a Clean Air Environment with Oil Mist Collectors

Mist eliminators are known for their compact size and design, extensive filtration capabilities, and exemplary clean air solutions. There are various advantages of installing and using an oil mist collector in a machining or metal forming shop.

  • Comprehensive Filtration Design : Filtration product manufacturers design their mist eliminators to provide extensive filtration of MWFs. Oil mist collectors are designed with three stage filters, which comprehensively remove any traces of fluid aerosols in the environment, providing clean air in the machining shop.
  • Excellent Efficiency : The three stage filtration system allows for effective oil and mist ventilation. Manufacturers design their oil mist collectors to handle the full volume of mist produced in a machining shop. They are capable of filtering contaminants that are less than 1 micron in size.
  • Adjustability : The compact design and size of mist eliminators allows for easy installation, relocation, and replacement. They can be connected to larger central air systems for enhanced air filtration.
  • Easy Maintenance: The impeccable design, exemplary filtration, and excellent drainage systems ensure that the oil mist collectors can be used for long work periods with minimal maintenance. Mist eliminators are known for their durability, providing years of service in an industrial application.
  • Cost-effective: The collectors are extremely cost effective in terms of initial purchase price, operational costs, and maintenance contracts. The compact enclosure helps to reduce the amount of electricity used by the collector leading to lower operational costs.

Oil mist collectors are the perfect solution to the increasing need for a safe healthy work environment in an industrial facility.