Benefits of Using a Dust Collector

A dust collector is a machine utilizing a cleaning method, used for enhancing the quality of air discharged from commercial and industrial processes. It works by gathering dust and other contamination from air. It is especially designed to take care of intense dust loads.

Nature has provided mankind with fresh and clean air, and everyone is entitled to breathe it. The sad fact is that, the world today denies the people of that pure breathable air. Breathing clean air now is a luxury that not many people can afford. Technology advancements may have provided great innovations and knowledge for the human kind, but they also gave the earth a never ending source of air pollution. Industrialization may have created jobs and gave income for most families but the huge environmental effects of the pollution they cause cannot be denied. Pollution poses serious threat to the health of human kind of today and tomorrow. There may not be anything that can be done to bring back the fresh air given to mankind, but there are things that can be done to save what was left. People must take full responsibility for the damage and therefore do something to somehow repair the damage.

Everyone could do something to make a big difference just by simply being able to understand the uses and the processes of different pollution control equipments. There are just too many industries that produce too much dust such as; furniture building, wood cutting/grinding, plastic cutting and metal polishing. The best way to prevent too much dust from being released in the air is to properly utilize dust control systems.

A dust collector is a device that filters dust from polluted air produced by industrial processes. After the air was filtered the device discharges clean air into the environment. This is an ideal way to let the people breathe fresh air once more.


A dust collector system consists of a dust filter, a blower, a filter-cleaning structure and a dust vessel. It does not work like air cleaners that utilize disposable filters in removing dust.


A dust collector helps in eliminating harmful elements from any work environment thus allowing workers to work in a clean and safe place.

It enhances the air you breathe ensuring that no harm will come to you and other people’s health.

The system effectively collects heavy dusts enabling the air to be purified without the need for air cleaners.

An efficient dust collector aims to protect employees and the entire society from being exposed to heavy air pollution. The industrial plants will be given the chance to recover product from the dust filled air allowing them full compliance with health and air emission standards. There are many types of dust collectors that effectively treat various types of air pollution. The most commonly used are the inertial separators, the baghouse collectors, the air washers/scrubbers, the electrostatic precipitators and the cartridge dust collectors. You need to understand the technology revolving around these systems to ensure a purer working environment that will be beneficial for all.

How to Beat Debt Collectors

If you’re constantly being contacted by debt collectors, you’re not alone. Many people find themselves in difficult financial situations, and before they know it they have accumulated a substantial amount of debt.

Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful and nerve wracking, but you shouldn’t let it ruin your life. You should take your debt seriously and do your best to pay it, but don’t lose your sanity over this. Trust me, letting stress overwhelm you can make your health deteriorate and only make the situation worse.

Now if you’re being harassed by debt collectors every day, you should know that you have certain rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Debt collectors cannot, for example, call you in the middle of the night.

Depending on your state’s laws, they may not threaten to garner wages. Also, if you send them a formal request from a lawyer asking not to be contacted anymore, they must honor this request.

That by itself won’t make your debt go away, of course. But it can relieve some of the stress that always accompanies financial difficulties. You should also know that it is possible to negotiate a settlement, as most collectors are authorized to accept a discounted payment. If they know you have a difficult situation and cannot pay the full amount, they may indeed accept a smaller amount as a final payment.

You should keep track of what conversations you may have with debt collection agencies, and, if it’s legal in your state, you can even record your conversations over the phone. Always ask for your agreements in writing in case they decide to go back on their word.

With a bit of patience and calm negotiation, you can make your situation much easier and get one step closer to debt relief.

Portable Dust Collection Systems: Protect Your Health, And Make Money With Them?

Most industrial or commercial business owners know that it’s a good idea (well, it’s actually OSHA law) to keep indoor air pollution and air quality under control when you have employees. And for a lot of businesses, controlling toxic fine dust generated in various types of workshops or construction sites is accomplished by using a portable dust collector. But I bet you didn’t know that some business owners are not only using these dust collection systems-they’re renting them out when they’re not using them!

Portable industrial dust collectors are, in many cases, better than fixed or non-movable cyclone-type dust collection system simply because the unit can be moved to whatever room or site where dust removal is needed. This is especially important if your business is conducted at different work sites or shops on a regular basis. Cyclone dust collectors are do often include HEPA and carbon filters to remove both particles and fumes effectively, but also cost 3-4 times as much-and if you don’t really have fumes or odors to remove (just particles / dust), then why spend the extra money on a cyclone system when a dust collector will include the pre-filters and HEPA filters to effectively remove the toxic fine dust and larger particles and give you good air quality control for a lot less money.

So how much are quality portable dust collection systems? They’re usually around $2000-3000 (not $8-12,000 for a cyclone system), and as we mentioned, if it’s a portable unit, that means you can rent it out when you’re not using it (something you can’t do with a fixed cyclone dust collector), or get a second dust collector just for rental purposes (recommended). Who’s going to rent out a dust removal system? Mostly business owners that normally do sandblasting or woodworking in their own workshops, but sometimes need to do sandblasting or woodworking, repair, etc on-site at a customer’s location. This would enable them to increase revenue since they weren’t able to provide their services at other locations-but now they can because they can rent a dust collector and meet OSHA regulations wherever they go!

Construction sites sometimes need particle filtration as well, and especially when negative air (sucking particles / dust out of a room) or positive air (bringing clean, particle-free air into a room) is needed. You’ll find that there are construction or remodeling contractors that don’t need dust extractors all the time, but when they do, they’d probably be happy to rent one for a day or two. Portable dust collection systems are great for removing drywall dust, brick dust, & ceramic dust, too. And they’re especially good for large cabinet shops and sandblasting shops as they can be moved around as needed.

One particular portable dust collector that we recommend for your industrial or commercial business and for rentals is the Air Rhino 2000 VS HEPA industrial air cleaner from Electrocorp, mainly because of its superior performance, reputation, good warranty and lots of options, as well as an affordable price. The Air Rhino 2000 VS HEPA is made of solid steel, includes 2 prefilter stages and a commercial-grade HEPA filtration system, is positive and negative air capable, and it can even be mounted to an HVAC system for whole building air cleaning–or hung from the ceiling to save floor space!

And, since the Air Rhino can accept duct work on the input end, this dust collector can work as a source capture unit as well! Just position the duct or tubing over or next to the area where particles need to be removed! The Air Rhino 2000 VS HEPA is one of the best portable industrial dust collectors we have seen, with the best value, the most options, best warranty, and quality particle filtration for the money.

Also, if you are going to rent out a dust extractor system, we do recommend getting a second or third unit for rentals simply because you don’t want to bring pollutants into your business that might somehow be lingering in or on the unit after customers use it. Set some guidelines and rules for using the dust collector, too-i.e., don’t use it to remove fumes and smoke as the HEPA filters won’t remove those but will likely leave an odor in the unit and chemical pollutants that blow out for a while after that!

And be sure to change the filters a little more often, not only to improve performance for your customers, but also to ensure that their isn’t something transferring from one customer’s use to another. Also check to make sure your liability insurance is in place to cover this rental activity, just to be sure. Once you have all that covered, you can start renting probably make at least a couple hundred bucks a day per unit-or more. Just check around and see what other people are charging, if they’re even offering dust collector rentals!